VivaVivaldi- 3D Mapping permanent show in Venice.May 2017- “The Press”

Viva Vivaldi – Tele Matin tv show coverage.

Vivavivaldi, is an ongoing permanent show in Venice launched in May 2017  , the story of both the human and artistic personality of Antonio Vivaldi and his extraordinary composing skills through images and music. He was a visionary genius ahead of his time.
The show is a new, unique, sensorial and musical experience using 3D mapping technologyand surround sound with scent special effects.

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Viva Vivaldi – Compositeur vénitien (1678-1741), violoniste émérite, auteur des « Quatre Saisons » – parmi les pièces les plus jouées et enregistrées dans le monde – il a composé près de 600 concertos, opéras et sonates ; inspiré d’innombrables compositeurs de Bach aux artistes rock, du rap au du heavy metal.




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Wedding JC_03

Wedding 3d mapping effect_A_07H3oMC has been behind several Royal and high profile weddings. Starting from 2005, in Dubai Trade Center, H3oMC has created original wedding concepts and followed with delivering high class, large scale mesmerizing video content. This includes large format projection, 3d mapping and LED contents. Always as a start we dive into writting the perfect script for a fantastic story that will fit the expectations and aspirations of the client.(For reasons of confidentiality and respect to our clients, most of the material will stay off line.)



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Wedding 2015 France_03

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