2018 _Alice in Wonderland – 3D Mapping Semi-Permanent Show – Moscow : Ice skating show, by Ilia Averbuxh.Mapping & ghost screen content production.90+ minutes. 4000+ pixels. 2 acts. 25+ scenes.https://www.facebook.com/nauarbitarh3ocropped-201-0-00-33-12_20171210_171233.jpg
2017 _Viva Vivaldi – 3D Mapping Permanent Show – Venice : “Viva Vivaldi – The Four Seasons Mystery”, Through images and music, it tells the story of both the human and artistic personality of Antonio Vivaldi and his extraordinary composing skills. He was a visionary genius ahead of his time. The show is a new, unique, sensorial and musical experience. It offers a portrait of The Red Priest through music and colours, thanks to a unique system that combines large HD images and surround sound with with scent special effects. The show amplifies and enhances the beauty of SA Complex.
H3O McLLc & Abstrak Agency are behind the more than 15 minutes long immersive visiual experience spanned into 2 distinct spaces . http://vivavivaldivenezia.com/en/cropped-vivavivaldi_h3omcllc_content-screenshot_0104.jpg
2017_ Mercedes S Class /  Launch show  / Abu Dhabi / September 2017 . Storyline. Storyboard. Animatic. Content production for a 20 meter LED screen. Resolution 10 000pixels. 3D mapping on floor. 2000 pixels. 5 minutes.Mercedes Launch_H 3 O_092
2017_ Odessa Light Festival . H3O has been officialy invited to participate in the Odessa Light Festival 2017. The theme this year is: Fairy Tale and Reality. “The Meduza’s Labyrinth” is a love story, inspird by all known fairy tale cliches, that turn to a brutal and contrasting wake up call to dangers and obstacles of reality. Is there an end to this labyrinth? A Special diploma for the integrity of the plot was awarded.cropped-h3omc_odessa-lf2017_3d-mapping_meduza-labyrinth_00.jpg
2017 _FinTech Accenture DIFC Launch & signature Ceremony  – H3o is behind the visualization of the event setup and the launch video content creation and post-production. . Event Management: Monarchy Investment.cropped-gate-avenue-virtual-mapping-h3omcllcgmail-com-screen-content_021.jpg
2016 _Gate Avenue DIFC Launch Ceremony 2016 – Concept, visualization and content creation. 2016 – H3o is behind the Concept, visualization and content creation. 10 minutes of video content and 3d animation were created for a special ghost screen.An innovative technology was used to present the future retail area using a Virtual Reality Mapping combination. A black and white sketch 3d animation of the future retail center was projected to match the perspective of the existing construction site. http://www.h3oconcepts.ae . Event Management: Monarchy Investment. Technical support: Spectrum. Dubai. 26-04-2016.cropped-gate-avenue-virtual-mapping-h3omcllcgmail-com-screen-content_02.jpg
2016 _Kuweit National Day Ceremony 2016 – 30 minutes content was created for both towers. Overall Pixel count 10000pixels.cropped-knd2016_rehearsal_hd_h3oconceptsdotae_05.jpg
2015 _Turkmenistan Launch Ceremony.  8000 pixels. Projection on a 360 degrees cupol.Caravan 03
2015 _Mouawad 125th Anniversary. Beyrut . 8000 pixels, retrospective movie of 10 minutes was created on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Mouawad family.Snapshotz_08
2015 _Circle of light 2015 / Defense Ministry Moscow . Under the direct concept and scenario of the Russian National Explorers Organization. direction. Moscow International Festival of lights. “Time Cabinet”. 3D mapping.12 000pixels.Circle of Light 2015 - RGO Rehearsal Snapshot_04
2015 _Royal & High profile Weddings. Dubai. H3oMC has been behind several Royal and high profile weddings. Starting from 2005, in Dubai Trade Center, H3oMC has created original wedding concepts and followed with delivering high class, large scale mesmerizing video content. This includes large format projection, 3d mapping and LED contents. Always as a start we dive into writting the perfect script for a fantastic story that will fit the expectations and aspirations of the client.(For reasons of confidentiality and respect to the client most of the material will stay off line.)cropped-108.jpg
2014 _Wedding. Dubai. A 3d & motion graphic video content was created for a 9000 pixels custom made LED screen for this wedding. A 6 minutes original story was written following client indications and reqquests. Concept, animated visualization, storyline, content production & choreography supervision including 10 ballerinas and 4 acrobat performers by: Nauar Bitar.cropped-wedding-3d-mapping-effect_a_09.jpg
2013_Circle of light 2014/ Bolshoi Theater Moscow . Original concept, storyline & direction. Moscow International Festival of lights. “World Theaters”. 3D mapping.Poster_01
2013_ Qatar Aspire Soccer Fan Event. Doha . Original concept, storyline & design direction. Screen & stage conception. Motion graphics concept & 3d animation for a spherical projection.
cropped-qcs-event-h3oconceptzcom-act02_041.jpg2012_ QCS logo reveal event 12/06/12. Katara,Doha . Original concept, storyline & artistic direction. Choreography creation & direction. 30x5m curved screen & stage conception. Motion graphics concept & 3d animation.
2012_ Lynx Awards Dubai. screen and 3d mapping content creation
2010-2011 Samsung Engineering / Complex launch@ Daman,Saudi Arabia: 3d mapping projection on building /6 minutes long visual essay : “Korea-Saudi Partnership” Animated Presentation, overall visual conception & content production. (hd vertical).
2010-2011 Education Whithout Borders/ Higher College Of Technology @ Emirates Palace: 190 meters architectural animated 3d mapping projection on building /9 minutes long visual essay : “The Silk Road” Presentation, conception & production.
cropped-1091.jpg2010-2011 Burj Khalifa Official Launch Event / Emaar / & New year : 50×13 meters projection screen /10 minutes long 3d & motion graphics essay : “The Desert Flower”/ 3 years preparation & conception/ Multimedia animated presentation & visualisation of the fireworks display/ Fireworks by GroupF, Christof Bertonneau ( Millenium Eiffel tower Fireworks designer 2000).50 x 15 meters wide screen / 5400 x 1080 pixel / 10 minutes long animation.”the Desert Flower: Hymenocallis”.
2008-2009 Festival Of Thinkers/ Higher College Of Technology @ Emirates Palace / Opening Event for a 2 day seminar involving more than 2000 dignitaries / 12×7 meters double layered screen (front transparent tule) _8 minutes long 3d & motion graphics essay on the “search of your self”:: Based on an original concept, the movie works interactively with performers :: “QuestionHead”cropped-mix-2-act22.jpg
2008-2009 Education Without Borders/ Higher College Of Technology @ Madinat Arena /Opening Event for a 3 day seminar involving more than 3000 delegates / 30×8 meters ,windowed HD screen _9 minutes long 3d & motion graphics essay on the new ecological solutions:: Based on an original concept, the windowed screens are also launch platform for performers:: “The Yamakzi” were brought specially according to this concept.:: “White Time”cropped-hct09_act2-3.jpg
2006-2007 Festival Of Thinkers /Higher College Of Technology @ Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace / Opening Event/ 20×8 meters high HD screen _8 minutes long 3d & motion graphics essay on “dangers of human self destruction” :: “BulbHead”
2006-2007 Higher College Of Technology /Opening Event First Middle East 180 meters long HD screen (8200×560 pixels)_12 minutes long 3d motion graphics essay on desertification and ecology (“link Of Hope”).H3oShowcase2012_009992
2004-2006 Jumana Outdoor Extravaganza Show / Dubai Heritage Village / First Middle East permanent outdoor extravaganza show_30 meters wide HD water screen (1024×780 pixels)_10 minutes long 3d animation interacting with the video and the performers.
2006-2007 Dubai Horse World Cup / Nad Al Sheeba Outdoor Giant light & Sound show_100 meters wide HD video screen (6144×554 pixels)_2 minutes long 3d animation.
2003-2007 Higher College Of Technology /Opening Event Outdoor & Indoor Giant light & Sound show_30 meters wide HD video screen (1024×780 pixels)_9 minutes long 3d animation. ”le Ptit Prince”
1999-2004 Dubai Shopping Festival / Opening & Closing Ceremonies Outdoor Giant light & Sound show_50 meters wide HD video screen (6144×554 pixels)_2 minutes long 3d animation.
2004-2005 Dubai Autodrome Launch– Biggest ME Fireworks Project Longest firework display in the middle east on the Autodrome track (4 kilometers) _Outdoor corporate light & Sound show_30 meters wide HD video screen .
2003-2005 Dubai Fashion Week 3d visualization and animation of decoration, technical setup and atmosphere 2003-2004 Dubai Emirates Airlines Airshow / Awards Event Outdoor corporate light & Sound show_70 meters wide HD video screen (5 minutes long 3d animation_”SilverWingz” _Special character.
2003-2004 Etisalat / Warid Launch Indoor corporate light & Sound show_30 meters wide HD video screen (5 minutes long 3d animation_”The Cosmic Symphony” _the subtle communication between planets . Others ::
2003-2004- Porsche Launch Event ::
2002-2004- Cartier Corporate Parties ::
2001-2002- Dubai Internet City / Media City Launch ::
2000-2001- Oman Tattoo Military Parade
2000-2011- DubaiLand: Arabian Legends / Concept & 3d design /