Creative work process

Initial Concept

  • Be it a large entertainment show, an artistic performance, a royal or Vip wedding, a corporate event with activation zones creation, We are involved at all the design stages – which are comprised of client meeting and design brief discussion, concept ideas presentations, production stages and on-site rehearsal. Capturing the client’s vision for the project and his expectation is of outmust importance at this stage. We abide to one rule: “.. bring a feel of mysterious beauty and unforgettable emotions.“. the initial idea will be further developed to create the storyline and the overall concept.

Concept Design Showcasing

  • The project concept will be presented to the client, showcasing: moodboards, storyboards, sketched designs, act-by-act rich and numerous visualizations, 3D Highly realistic renders. this can include an Animatic! – Depending on time and the type of event – an animated teaser synced with a soundtrack can also be created. it is a great tool to have a first glimpse of the final product and the overall mood of the concept chosen…Usually a PDF,Power Point and a MOV video file are delivered, pitching ideas and concepts through a rich and impressive visual presentation to clients.


  • Work in progress – An In-depth Storyboard is created as a road map to translate ideas to designers and giving a clear schedule to follow.
  • Animatic – During production, and depending on the deadline, an animated teaser – Work Animatic -can be weekly delivered to the client. this will give him a better understand of the work achieved and the overall mood direction and that we are on the same page.
  • Revisions – Eventually, after evaluation and if necessary, alter the content of projects before completion according to client demands. A date will be specified as a deadline for last revisions and amendements and according to the initial agreement.
  • Communication – Nowadays , social networks allows realtime and interactive sharing of content. Whatsapp became an omnipresent part of the “office”. we are actively using those new technologies, allowing us fast reactions. During this period, clients will stay constantly abreast of progress through: animated material, snapshots of final production, and answer their questions and follow up on the desired revisions.
  • Final product delivery – Oversee and participate in the video shooting and audio-editing and final material output. The final product is delivered in several formats, as projection demands specific sizes, ratio and compression protocoles. This include extra large files of more than 12 000pixels. ( Guinness World Records – Largest projected image: Circle of Light, Russia 2015 )

On-site rehearsals

  • Rehearsal – Usually we are always involved for on-site delivery and testing of the multimedia content. In some cases, staying for several days for the rehearsal. During this period, and if it is possible, changes and adjustments are done to the material to fit perfectly to the event setup and storyline. Also we supervise the on-site implementation of the overall concept, including light design (When light and sound show) and choreography ( when interaction with performers…) Having a great understanding of production timeline & deadlines necessities, projects are always delivered on time.