Viva Vivaldi / Ghost screen / Venice 2017

Installation pre run photographes. Spectators become part of the projection surface and can interact during their journey with the content.

“Bulb Head” / Higher Coleges of Technologie / Mapping Content production / Abu Dhabi 2007

The Making of / storyboard   The Making of / storyboard   Show photos    

“Bulb Head” / Content Production / Abu Dhabi 2007.

<p><a href="">BulbHead 2007 - Edition 2018</a> from <a href=""></a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>   Introducing for the first time the concept of a vertical 20 meters high projection screen. The introduction part was planned to have a realtime interactivity between hanging live performers and the projected content...thus as the performers climbed the vertical screen they were … Continue reading “Bulb Head” / Content Production / Abu Dhabi 2007.